Flavio Egler

Flavio Egler


On His Way to Become a Game Developer

As part of his apprenticeship in information technology, Flavio is working for two years as a technical trainee at Arina. Since he has always spent a considerable part of his leisure time on the computer learning how to code by watching YouTube videos, his choice of career did not come as a surprise. When he started his vocational training at the Engadin training centre `Informatik Ausbildungszentrum Engadin (IAE)´, he was able to further enhance his coding skills. After his apprenticeship, Flavio would like to pursue his dream to study game development at a university of applied sciences.

«I really like the relaxed atmosphere at Arina, which benefits my individual learning process.»

Until then, Flavio fully focuses on his training, which is very demanding, especially for apprentices living in Swiss mountain regions: The vocational college Flavio attends two days a week is located a two-hour train ride away. Proactive as he is, Flavio organized himself a place to stay overnight to reduce the time he spends travelling.

Flavio, quiet and reserved at first, quickly thawed and integrated into the A-team. Now we would not want to do without his support in our daily work, developing tailored solutions according to your wishes, giving presentations to customers and partners as well as in internal IT projects.

Things we can talk about:
Coding, snowboarding and video games

Don't ask me about:
Maths and politics

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