Published on October 20th 2020

Internships at Arina

For almost ten years, Arina has been offering internships to young people doing an apprenticeship in information technology at the Engadin training centre Informatik Ausbildungszentrum Engadin (IAE). After being trained centrally for the first two years, they dive into "real" work life at partner institutions such as Arina for the two final years of their vocational training.

This means that every two years, a young man or a young woman joins the A-team. In August 2020, we welcomed Flavio Egler, who specializes in ICT System Operation.

«As an information technologist with specialism ICT System Operation, I assume an allrounder function within a company, because I am perfectly familiar with both developing applications and providing server maintenance.»

Thanks to the good knowledge basis Flavio acquired during the first two years of his apprenticeship, we have already been able to engage him in ongoing projects, for instance to script small applications according to our customers’ needs. As we are really impressed by Flavio’s language skills, he has already given live demos to key accounts in impeccable English. When asked where he has learned to speak English this fluently, he laughs: `I learned coding to a large extent by watching YouTube videos. Mastering the language was just a nice side effect´.

Over the next two years, Flavio is gaining an insight into IT forensics, a niche area of computer science. Flavio is highly impressed: “Investigation software is really able to do incredible stuff!”

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