Investigating in "New Facebook"

Investigating in

Recently, Facebook has rolled out the overhauled version of its desktop site across Europe (see picture). But this redesign does not only bring a completely new look and feel, but also changes to its coding. This is why the developers of the Social Network Harvester (SNH) have been working on a new module for investigation work in this «New Facebook», which they are proud to release in their current version 1.17.0.

Following the extensive facelift of the mobile Facebook app last year, the probably most famous social network has now turned its desktop view upside down. In the past few weeks, Facebook randomly selected accounts for beta testing, whose data then could only be collected using this workaround (German only).

Since Facebook has not only polished its look and feel but also the code itself, the old data collection mechanisms no longer work. Fortunately, the developers at SNH had worked early on a data collection module for this “New Facebook”, which they are now proud to release in the current program version 1.17.0, almost simultaneously with the changeover on behalf of Facebook.

11.05.2020, Réné Sakata, Senior Forensic System Engineer specialised in Social Networks