Published on August 7th 2020

A as in … Arina!

At first glance, it is far from obvious that the name “Arina” stands for a company specialized in Information Technologies. Nor was it intended to be. There are enough businesses in the IT sector named “ABC Informatics” or “XYZ Software” already, don’t you think?

News 20200807 Name Arina

When our CEO Markus Mosca first founded the company back in 1996, he knew exactly that he wanted its name to stand out from the crowd. He also wanted it to have a connection to his adopted home, the Engadin valley. As always when he has to take important decisions, he withdrew into the nature of the mountains surrounding Scuol, to his family’s hunting cabin to be more precise, which is located at Piz … Arina!

“Piz” derives from the Romansh language (one of the four officially recognized languages in Switzerland, alongside German, French and Italian) and means “summit”. The wonderful panoramic view one enjoys from Piz Arina is a perfect metaphor for what Markus had planned out for the young company: He did not want to offer isolated products, but comprehensive solutions, including consulting and high-level technical support, providing our customers with full service and zero troubles.

This is the story of how Arina came to its name – which is almost as unique as the quality of the soft- and hardware products and services we offer.

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