Nuix Version 7.8 - What's new?

What's new in Nuix Version 7.8?

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Nuix 7.8, released January 2018:

  • Improved OCR speeds (up to 2-3x faster!)
  • Processes like Exports or OCR can now be run in the background. This allows the investigator to continue working on the same case.
  • Improved integration with MSAB/XRY
  • Deduplication within mobile reports from Cellebrite and XRY
  • ElasticSearch Compound Cases
  • Web Review & Analytics: Layout changes, added Canvas tab, various bug fixes

Nuix 7.6, released August 2018:

  • Create processing profiles for: Processing, Export, OCR and other tasks in Nuix
  • Bulk-Import of evidence items by using a CSV
  • Create customized models for Image Classifier Model
  • Date processing in real-time of these sources: Kafka Topics, Twitter Hashtags, folder on file system, Nuix Adaptive
  • APFS Support (limited)
  • ElasticSearch Performance improvements