Published on July 3rd 2023

Official Launch Day: SNH Titan

The time has come! After two years of development and countless cups of coffee as well as a productive beta phase, our Partner Freezingdata has released its Social Network Harvester Titan (SNH Titan Desktop). Starting today, 3 July 2023, the successor of the proven SNH Classic is officially available.

Key Features

  • Parallel, data privacy-compliant data saving from the social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, Telegram, Odnoklassniki, and VKontakte (VK)
  • Analysis of collected data in cross-network case databases
  • Complete search-enabled data analysis via a modern and intuitive user interface
  • Graph-based analysis with social network analysis techniques
  • Interoperability with various other software products such as Maltego, Gephi, or Analyst Notebook
  • Export of content in standard office formats and creation of custom reports via the integrated report builder
  • Export of the most critical data in standalone-capable portable cases

What is the difference between the SNH Classic and the SNH Titan Desktop?

The SNH Titan offers the functionality of the Social Network Harvester (SNH) Classic and extends it in many areas:

  • With SNH Titan, you can run up to three backups simultaneously in the background and continue working with the collected data simultaneously.
  • Your cases are no longer limited to data from a single network; you can cross-link people across networks
  • If desired, the SNH Titan integrates seamlessly into your standard browser. Use your favorite browser add-ons and the SNH's security and reporting functionalities in parallel
  • In addition, the user experience has been optimized based on extensive user feedback and the latest web technology

The well-known SNH data collection has been extended by the concept of "runners." It enables not only sequential but also parallel data collection. The parallelization of data collection significantly increases its effectiveness and reduces the required data collection time. The runner concept also allows users to continue working with existing data in parallel with data collection. The creation of data collection workflows, known from SNH Classic, is still supported.

How does the SNH Titan Desktop differ from the SNH Titan Desktop+?

The SNH Titan Desktop is available in two versions, which only differ in the number of runners available.

With SNH Titan Desktop, a single runner is available. This means that you can execute backup tasks only one after another.

With SNH Titan Desktop+, you have three runners available. Tasks are thus also executed in parallel. By dividing a backup job into different sub-tasks, the processing of individual backup jobs is even accelerated further.

How can I switch from my SNH Classic license to SNH Titan?

You can switch from the SNH Classic license to SNH Titan starting today! Depending on the license, you can switch to SNH Titan Desktop for as little as 50 EUR per month or to SNH Titan Desktop+ for 100 EUR per month until your original SNH Classic license period ends. For more information, please click on the button below and place your inquiry with us. Our Sales team is looking forward to helping you with a smooth transition!

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