Tableau Password Recovery

Tableau Password Recovery

Decrypt encrypted data faster with the brand new Tableau Password Recovery hardware unit!

Tableau Password Recovery is a cost-effective, scalable, turnkey solution that accelerates the process of unlocking password-proteced fliles by breaking complex protection algorithms.

It’s key features are:

  • Password recovery acceleration is up to 175x faster than CPU-based solutions with much lower operartion and maintenance costs than GPU-based solutions
  • Seamless workflow for EnCase Forensic, EnCase eDiscovery and EnCase Endpoint Security users to unlock proteced files and retrieve results. Note: The Tableau Password Recovery hardware unit is also compatible with other password cracking products such as Passware.
  • Linear scalability to further accelerate password recovery
  • Unlocks a wide range of protected file types including MS Office, WinRAR, and WinZip

See the information video here.

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09.07.2015, Roman Locher