The New UltraBay 4 Portable - available now!

Available to Order Now: The New UltraBay 4 Portable

The new UltraBay 4 Portable supports very fast forensic imaging of SATA, SAS, USB 3.0, PCIe, FireWire, and IDE storage devices. Suitable for both field and lab forensic acquisitions, this high-performance write blocker packages the Digital Intelligence UltraBay 4 in a sleek, fan-ventilated, aluminum enclosure. UltraBay 4 Portable is used with Digital Intelligence drive adapters, including the mSATA and M.2 SSD, and Tableau brand PCIe adapters. Supports today’s modern, forensic imaging software.

Product Brief: PDF

Price per unit: CHF 1’920.- incl. VAT.

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20.12.2018, Roman Locher