VMRay offers a comprehensive and accurate solution for automated detection and analysis of advanced threats, such as highly evasive malware, zero-day malware, and targeted attacks, that combines a unique agentless hypervisor-based network sandbox with a real-time reputation engine. The combination provides both fast, high volume file classification and deep malware analysis. VMRay closes the gaps in the organisation’s existing security stack and catches threats that bypass traditional security solutions. It empowers Incident Response and SOC teams to handle the growing volume and diversity of advanced threats with far greater speed and precision.

The VMRay solution portfolio is based on a common platform that integrates multiple engines for malware detection and analysis:

  • Reputation analysis detects known malicious and known harmless file hashes and URLs by leveraging a reputation database in the cloud.
  • Web analysis detects common and advanced web-based attacks, such as phishing and drive-by downloads.
  • Static analysis identifies and extracts active elements found in suspicious documents and files, such as embedded scripts, links, and macros.
  • Dynamic analysis, based on VMRay’s unique sandboxing technology, fully reveals any remaining malicious behavior.

The VMRay solution portfolio consists of three products that address specific Incident Response and SOC requirements.

Strengths: Malware analysis, APT, sandboxing

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