Professional Services

Professional Services

More time for your investigations

The Arina technical professionals are ready to provide you with exactly the help that you need. We offer a customized service approach to support you in various areas of Digital Forensics.


Complex Digital Forensics landscapes and historically grown IT environments are becoming more and more difficult to administer: The requirements for modern Digital Forensics Departments are increasingly demanding. Solutions that simplify administration and processes while keeping a firm eye on business goals are becoming critical to your success.

Arina Professional Services are the answer to these challenges. From technology consultants and project managers to forensic system engineers and technicians, we have the experts and will stand by your side as a long-term partner.

Watch our short intro video to learn how we can create more time for your investigations by overcoming your individual challenges.

Our Services

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    Concept & Consulting

    Our experts accompany you step by step - from the initial evaluation, to the creation of a customized concept, to the design of your infrastructures and the implementation of the entire project management. With our know-how at your side, we ensure that your goals are achieved effectively and efficiently.

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    Installation & Maintenance

    As your reliable partner, we handle all aspects of commissioning and successful use. We ensure careful implementation and configuration of your products, guarantee timely software updates and perform deep dive error analyses. Furthermore, we provide you with a deeper understanding of the installed systems to offer you maximum autonomy and efficiency.

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    Outsourcing & Documentation

    Let us take responsibility for your IT forensics landscape. We take care of all the details, including creating and updating technical documentation, to provide you with a smooth and stress-free outsourcing experience.

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    Tech Guardian

    Our team is available to you at any time. Whether in person on site or via screen sharing - we adapt to your requirements and ensure flexible scheduling, even at off-peak times. Our proactive support always keeps you up to date and important updates are communicated immediately. Personal contact with our technicians is always guaranteed to ensure optimal support.

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    Our focus is on your individual requirements. We take care of the scripting, analyze your workflows and offer individual solution approaches. In addition, we enable the integration of third-party solutions or offer our customized solutions to ensure an optimal match to your needs.

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    Workshops & Knowledge Transfer

    Discover our customized workshops and advanced training programs in the field of Digital Forensics, eDiscovery and OSINT. Perfectly tailored to your needs, we offer practice-oriented insights and accompany you through all phases. We empower you and your team to master digital challenges independently and strengthen your competencies, be it one-time or recurring for new employees.

«Arina Professional Services' proactive support is a game-changer. They are available even at the most unusual times, and their updates are always timely. We really appreciate that.»

Supported Software Solutions


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