Cellebrite is a global company known for its breakthroughs in mobile data technology, delivering comprehensive solutions for mobile lifecycle management and mobile forensics. In the forensics division, Cellebrite’s UFED (Universal Forensic Extraction Device), a high-end mobile forensics solution, extracts, decodes and analyses actionable data from legacy and smartphones, handheld tablets and portable GPS devices for use in law enforcement.

Strengths: Usability, Visualization, Mobile Phones, Forensics, Cloud Analysis, Reporting, Data Acquisition

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4 Products

UFED Touch2

UFED Touch2 is a comprehensive mobile forensic solution enabling investigators to extract, decode and analyze evidentiary data in a forensically sound manner from the widest range of mobile devices. With an intuitive touch screen interface and an integrated battery, the UFED Touch2 is designed for speed, usability and portability for easy use in the lab and the field.

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UFED 4PC is a cost-effective, flexible and convenient application suite for any investigative or intelligence personnel requiring a mobile forensic tool kit on their existing PC or laptop.

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Link Analysis

UFED Link Analysis is a state-of-the-art solution that unifies, correlates, highlights, and analyzes large volumes of disparate data from multiple data sources on a single platform.

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Cloud Analyzer

Cloud analyzer allows the investigator to collect suspect’s internet data from the cloud to the local examiners machine. To optimize this process, Cloud Analyzer will extract credentials for cloud accounts from an image off a mobile phone.

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