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Along their way, MD5 developed the software VFC, which allows the investigator to virtually start a computer system based on the hard drive copy that was taken previously. The software quickly became a well-known tool in digital forensics and it will help you to save time and avoid common problems when starting up a virtual computer off an image.

Strengths: System Virtualization, Usability

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VFC allows the investigator to virtually boot a forensic image with the help of VMWare Player. Many advanced functions make the examiners life easier: Password bypass, the use of restore points and many more.

MD5’s proprietary forensic software tool, Virtual Forensic Computing (VFC®) is an essential tool in an investigator’s tool box. VFC saves time and energy by helping the examiner to quickly and effortlessly recreate the digital crime-scene, allowing the investigator to hunt around and interact with the suspect’s desktop environment.

The resulting VFC virtual machine can be used in many ways, including to:

  • Demonstrate accessibility of evidence
  • Interact with software on the guest system to access:
    • proprietary databases
    • files with proprietary file extensions in their native environment
  • Easily disprove and/or prove claims of interaction with software or the system itself.

Screen shots and screen capture video of the suspect’s system – or even live use the software – can provide invaluable evidence in a court of law and have helped many prosecutors to explain what may otherwise have been highly technical evidence to non-technical audiences.