Magnet Forensics

Magnet Forensics is known to provide the market leading solutions to investigate and analyze Internet based artifacts, such as chat programs, cloud storage (Dropbox and such), web mail, P2P and many more.

In the past years Magnet Forensics also has undertaken considerable work to cover the complete investigation process and therefore added wide support for windows specific artifacts. These new developments are now fully available in their new product, Magnet AXIOM.

Strengths: Internet Artifacts, Reporting, Cloud Analysis, Usability, Forensics, Mobile Phones

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Magnet AXIOM is the latest development and the direct successor of Internet Evidence Finders. This product enables the user to analyze larger datasets more efficient and in greater depth. If you are an existing IEF user, you might want to contact us regarding the possible upgrade paths.

What's new in AXIOM (excerpt):

  • Improved presentation of discovered artifacts
  • Registry-Browser
  • File-Browser
  • Joq queue to process several datasets in one batch
  • Stackable filters and keyword searches

AXIOM is seperated into different modules. The user can combine these ase desired: AXIOM Computer, AXIOM Smartphone, AXIOM Cloud

Internet Evidence Finder IEF

Magnet IEF traditionally has its strengths to recover internet related artifacts and bring them into readable format. There have been many additions to the product lately, and it’s becoming a full blown forensic suite to find, analyze and report on the digital evidence from computers, smartphones and tablets.

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