BriefCam is the developer and provider of award-winning Video Synopsis technology-based software for rapid video review, search and analysis. Current installations range from single-use sites to large-scale projects comprising thousands of cameras.

Strengths: Video-Analysis, Efficiency

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2 Products

BriefCam Syndex

BriefCam Syndex offers a powerful set of video review tools for locating events of interest so that users can reach targets more quickly than ever before.

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BriefCam V5

BriefCam is the industry’s leading provider of Video Synopsis® and Deep Learning solutions that make video searchable, actionable, and quantifiable. BriefCam’s video analytics platform is built on a unique fusion of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies empowering new and innovative safety, security and operational efficiencies by extracting the value from video surveillance systems.

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