Published on November 13th 2020

Rampiva: Automation in Nuix

Imagine yourself hanging a new picture on the wall in your living room. Which tool would be the one of your choice, a simple screwdriver or a cordless drill? This is a no-brainer, the cordless drill, of course!

The same is true for your working with the investigation software Nuix: If you need to start jobs manually one after the other, you lose valuable resources. Especially the time lost overnight and on weekends is a major cost factor. To solve this problem, Rampiva has developed a solution that not only impresses with its user-friendly interface, but also with its ability to automatically run queued-up processing jobs when the required server resources become available. Thanks to Rampiva, the UK-based IT company Anexsys was able to increase the efficiency of their Nuix servers distinctively, which previously only was at 30%. Read Anexsys success story here.

Would you like to get to know the functions Rampiva offers in detail? Please contact us via e-mail, we gladly organise a free live demo for you.

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