Published on September 7th 2020

Nuix Version 8.6

This June, Nuix released version 8.6 of Nuix Workstation and of Investigate, Nuix’s web interface. What’s new? An overview.

Updates to Nuix Workstation

With version 8.6, the integration to the database Elasticsearch has been improved; cases deleted in Nuix are now automatically deleted in Elasticsearch. Also, Custom Named Entities are now available to all users. Our tech experts released an explanation video on YouTube on this topic.

A few weeks ago, a new OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Engine was released, the ABBYY FineReader Recognition Server in version 12.4. Using this engine, it is possible to process PDF documents consisting of several hundred (!) pages and extract text from them, which in the past had often led to problems. Text extraction should definitely happen more fluently now!

Additionally, Nuix’s partnership with Mobile Forensics developer MSAB bears fruit: XRY has been integrated and reports from MSAB can now be imported into Nuix Workstation. Of course, imports from Cellebrite and Oxygen products are still possible, too.

Last but not least: With the release of version 8.4, Nuix had announced that in the future, case migrations would not be necessary anymore. This announcement has proven false; unfortunately, a migration of cases launched in previous versions is still obligatory.

The two most important changes to Nuix Investigate

Security in Nuix’s web interface Investigate has been strengthened by adding a single sign-on (SSO) and introducing the possibility of a two-factor authentication to integrate Investigate more smoothly into an existing network environment.

It is now possible to easily search for entities such as e-mail addresses via right click. You only need to mark the desired term and activate the immediate search (“search for”) by right-clicking. In our example (see picture below), all e-mails would be displayed for which the e-mail address is listed either as sender, recipient, CC or BCC.

New: Immediate search by right-clicking

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